Solan new field development

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Installed in November 2014 at a depth of 135 metres west of Shetland, UK, the Atkins designed seabed storage tank (SOST), now enables the previously dormant Solan field to produce 20,000 barrels a day.
The fact that Solan was a marginal field, combined with the unusually shallow water depth made conventional solutions commercially unattractive. Some of the complexities and challenges in the design derive from the fact that the tank is pressurised for offload (a unique feature), and that it has a 30 year design life.

We worked with our clients every step of the way to help make the development viable. Constructed from 10,000 tonnes of steel with dimensions equivalent to a seven storey office block and storage capacity of 300,000 bbl, the SOST is believed to be the only project of its kind in the world.